Quelle Surprise-60% of Nigerian Youths are Unemployed

The Gist President Buhari, at a a dinner he hosted in honor of the visiting Alumni Association of the Indian Defence Services Staff College (DSSC),  stated that 60% of  Nigerian Youths are unemployed. Youths make up more than half of our population, 64% to be precise. Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop President Buhari didn’t say that but he might as well…

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Is Virginity Is A Myth? This video explains it all

Did your hymen break the first time you had sex? I’m asking the ladies here. Did you ever wonder why the sheets weren’t blood stained the first time you did the deed, and you wondered if your partner wondered that you lied about your virginity (yes I’m talking about me here)? Well, wonder no more. This short video from Adam Ruins Everything explains…

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Do You Hate Your Job? Let’s talk about it

    If you clicked on yes, the great news is that it’s Friday. The bad news is that Monday is just 48 hours away. You’re not alone though. On the 1st of December, BUA Workers stormed the Head Office protesting poor working conditions. They demanded that the Chairman and Chief Executive of the company, Abdulsamad Rabiu come out to…

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Things To Remember

Things To Remember: How a Coursera Course changed my views on my writing and life

You don’t have to sound smart. You should just trust that you are smart and that your ideas are important enough -Dr Denise Comer I got this piece of advice from one of the most unexpected places: a Coursera course. Dr Denise Comer (not pictured) is an assistant professor ofWriting Studies at Duke University. She also teaches the Coursera course English Composition…

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Nigeria battles with providing basic education for our children but should they be taught to code as well?

As the people in charge of the education of our children (UBEC to you and I)  meet in Abuja to state the bleeding obvious -basic education is important- developed countries are asking a more pertinent question: should children learn to code? Gaby Hinsliff of the Guardian did a comprehensive report here. It’s a long read but worth it. She asks if kids will…

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News, Women

The state with a male commissioner of women affairs appoints 49 administrators- only one is a woman

The Gist Governor Muhammadu Jibrilla of Adamawa state swore in 49 newly-appointed Development Area Administrators. The lone woman is Esther Pius. Why’s this important? Back in September, the Governor appointed a man, Aliyu Tola, as the Commissioner of Women Affairs. His chief press secretary, Yohannna Mathias, defended the governor’s actions by stating: “It’s a normal practice as it happened in Bauchi and…

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