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What Olajumoke Tells Us About Nigeria and Ourselves

You’ve probably heard the story by now. Bread. Tinie Tempah. TY Bello. Then came the luxury flat,  features by international news outlets, elocution lessons and an influx of brand endorsements. If you haven’t heard about Olajumoke Orisaguna, you can catch up here. I’m always interested in the way Nigerians react to popular events. It reveals so much about the bits…

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10 Things I’m Glad I did in 2015

I enjoyed 2015, I think. This is not some life affirming, deep post though. You will not come away feeling like a bit of your life just slid into place. But if you do…fair enough. Here’s just some things that I, Mnena, I’m glad I did in 2015. Farafina Workshop. This was my 3rd try and encouraged by Buhari’s win…

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Quelle Surprise-60% of Nigerian Youths are Unemployed

The Gist President Buhari, at a a dinner he hosted in honor of the visiting Alumni Association of the Indian Defence Services Staff College (DSSC),  stated that 60% of  Nigerian Youths are unemployed. Youths make up more than half of our population, 64% to be precise. Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop President Buhari didn’t say that but he might as well…

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