Is Virginity Is A Myth? This video explains it all


Did your hymen break the first time you had sex? I’m asking the ladies here.

Did you ever wonder why the sheets weren’t blood stained the first time you did the deed, and you wondered if your partner wondered that you lied about your virginity (yes I’m talking about me here)? Well, wonder no more.

This short video from Adam Ruins Everything explains it all

Buzzfeed also has this wonderful explainer, complete with pictures of different types of hymen (yes it’s not just one type) here.

Photo Credit: College Humour

1 thought on “Is Virginity Is A Myth? This video explains it all

  1. I have been privileged to be the first to “go all the way’ with three ladies and only on one of the occasions was there some blood and it didn’t flow, it just mixed with semen. It didn’t make me think they weren’t telling the truth about their virginity, I just thought I was gentle enough and preceded the penetration with enough foreplay to get it properly lubricated.

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