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If you clicked on yes, the great news is that it’s Friday. The bad news is that Monday is just 48 hours away.

You’re not alone though. On the 1st of December, BUA Workers stormed the Head Office protesting poor working conditions. They demanded that the Chairman and Chief Executive of the company, Abdulsamad Rabiu come out to speak to them.

Here’s what one worker said:

“Many of our workers have died because of the very poor and deplorable work environment some of us are nursing various kinds of illnesses. A few weeks ago, I had to undergo a surgery for hernia and many of my colleagues can no longer breath properly because their lungs are blocked by the dust from the flour that we produce.”

Not everyone has it as horrible as the BUA Workers. Nigeria’s labour laws are a farce and employers take full advantage of it. They can wake up today and decide to fire you and you can’t say anything. Break times are a luxury not a right. Working hours? Please stop playing.

What’s been your most terrible experience at work? Let’s release the anger, vent below the line.

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